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China’s proven reserves and production of diamond rank the world’s top

There are diamonds around the world, with more than 30 countries with diamonds and an annual output of about 100 million carats. The top five countries are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, and South Africa. The diamond production in these five countries accounts for about 90% of the world’s diamond production. Other countries with diamonds are Congo, Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Angola, Central Africa, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, India, China, Canada, etc. The
China’s proven reserves and production of diamond Replica Cartier jewelry rank the world’s top 10 or so, the annual output of 200,000 karats, diamonds mainly in Liaoning Wafangdian, Shandong Mengyin and Hunan Yuanjiang River Basin, which is currently the largest tile in Asia, Asia’s diamond mine.
Producing the best diamond country
For diamonds and gemstone diamonds, the best diamonds come from diamonds from the Namibian alluvial deposits. The natural weathering of these diamonds is transported to the seaside for a distance of up to 1000 miles. After this journey the fragile parts of diamonds are separated. In a particular depositional environment, diamonds are distributed in the rock form according to different rules of different grain sizes. The gems of the mine are up to 97%. It is difficult to distinguish between which country and the mining area are produced.
Any diamond produced by the mine has good, medium and poor. Take the best diamonds in the mining area and Namibia to produce the worst diamonds, the Namibia alluvial deposits of diamonds are not necessarily good.
Cat’s eye (cat’s eye), that is, “cat eyes”, “cat eyes”, “cat fine.” Cat’s eye, also known as Oriental cat’s eye, is a rare and valuable jewelry varieties.
As the cat’s eye shows the light phenomenon and the cat’s eyes, flexible and bright, with the strength of light and change, hence the name. This optical effect, known as the “cat’s eye effect”.
There are many gems with cat’s eye effect. Gemological scholars with the cat’s eye effect of the gold emerald called cat’s eye stone, generally referred to as the cat’s eye refers to the gold green cat’s eye gem, and other cat’s eye effect of the gem, must be in the “cat’s eye” before the word with the gem Name, such as sea sapphire cat’s eye, electric stone cat’s eye and so on.
Strictly speaking, “cat’s eye” is not the name of the gem, but some gems on the presentation of an optical phenomenon. That is, grinding into a hemispherical gem with a strong light, the surface will appear a thin light reflective, called “cat’s eye flash” or “cat’s eye live light”, and then what is the name of the gem to name, if the stone is quartz, then called “Quartz cat’s eye”, if it is gold and green gem, called “golden green cat’s eye.” There may be a lot of catfish flashing gem, according to statistics may be as many as 30 species, the market is more common in addition to the quartz cat’s eye and golden green cat’s eye, there are “pyroxene cat’s eye”, “sea Cartier love bracelet replica sapphire cat’s eye” and so on. As the golden green cat’s eye is also the most famous and most valuable, it is also used to be referred to as “cat’s eye”, the other cat’s eye can not be called this.
Cat’s eye stone is a kind of gold in the mineral science (Chrysoberyl), is a golden green stone mineral. Gold and green gem is containing beryllium aluminum oxide, the chemical formula BeAl2O4. Is orthorhombic. Crystal morphology often short columnar or plate-like. Cat’s eye has a variety of colors, such as honey, brown, yellow wine, brown, yellow-green, yellow brown, gray-green, etc., of which the most expensive honey yellow. Transparent to translucent. Glass to grease shiny. Refractive index of 1.746-1.755, birefringence of 0.008-0.010. Dichroism is obvious, dispersion 0.015, heterogeneous body. Hardness 8.5, density 3.71-3.75 g / cm3. Shell-like fracture.
Cat’s Eye and other similar gems cat’s eye, the difference between artificial cat’s eye. Nature can produce cat’s eye effect of gemstones also tourmaline, beryl, apatite, quartz, kyanite, etc., but are not as green and green cat’s eye precious. Tour agent cat’s eye: hardness is small, 7-7.5, density 3.06 g / cm3, refractive index 1.624-1.644. Quartz cat’s eye: low hardness, 6.5 or so, the density is small, 2.78 grams / cubic centimeter, the refractive index is small, 1.44. Artificial cat’s eye: cat’s eye made of artificial glass fiber, brownish yellow, blue and red. But the artificial cat’s eye at the top of the arc at the same time there are 2-3 bright band, natural cat’s eye only a bright band. With the magnifying glass observation can see the artificial cat’s eye has a hexagonal honeycomb structure, low hardness, 5 or so, the density is small, 2.46 g / cm3, refractive index of 1.44.
Test and purchase of cat’s eye. The evaluation of the cat’s eye is from the color, the position of the eyeliner, the shape of the gem, the weight and other factors. High-quality cat’s eye gems, cat eyeliner to be thin and narrow, clear boundaries; eyes to open flexible, was live; cat’s eye color to contrast with the background in sharp contrast; and cat eyeliner to be located in the central arc. When the purchase should be based on the identification characteristics of the cat’s eye stone and other gems cat’s eye, artificial cat’s eye distinction, buy genuine cat’s eye stone.
In the Southeast Asian area, the cat’s eye is often considered a symbol of good luck, people believe it will protect the owner’s health and longevity, from poverty, beneficial reproductive system and related organs of health; to promote regeneration and blood circulation, effect. Can improve the skin problems, to prevent wounds worsening. Increase the inspiration of people thinking, to avoid evil evil, as a result of external force invasion of the body stone. But also the courage and strength, often used in the East as evil talisman, but also make people dare to farewell past romance. Cat’s eye stone is often known as the “noble gem.” It and stone together belong to one of the world’s top five precious high-end gem. British gem collector Hood collects a famous cat’s eye stone, this gem is carved into a symbol of the altar, the top of a torch, the whole gem was spherical, diameter of about 1-1.5 inches. Cat’s eye is mainly produced in gas-filled hydrothermal deposits and pegged rocks. The world’s most famous cat’s eye for the southwestern Sri Lanka’s Tranbullah and Gore and other places, Brazil and Russia and other countries also found a cat’s eye, but very rare.
People first found in the sand gold and gold gems, the current exploitation of cat’s eye area is more in the slope of the river bed. The formation of primary gold emerald is related to the interaction of the bauxite volatile components of the granite melt with the ultra-basic rocks rich in chromium. To this end, the original green emerald prolific in intertidal ultramafic rock containing emerald green omen, geologists called gas-filled hydrothermal deposits, with many emerald Fake Cartier love bracelet green, all the emerald and emerald Often grow together. After the formation of the original green emerald, subject to weathering erosion will become a sand mine, in a certain favorable location of mineralization. The famous Sri Lanka cat’s eye and stone is produced in the sand. The original gold emerald is also produced in the pegmatite veins, the gold emerald is the result of the melting of volatile components. Due to the crystallization of some fusible minerals, leading to the formation of pegged veins. Along the cracks and faults of the surrounding rocks, the gold-green stones form isolated crystals in them, and the minerals that are symbiotic with the emerald in the pegged veins are beryls (including emerald), tourmaline and apatite The The peacock is mostly an ancient metamorphic rock (gneiss), which may be the source rock of the emerald.
Sri Lanka is the famous green emerald origin, is also the only country to produce stone and gold green cat’s eye. The country’s green emerald deposit is located 60 kilometers southeast of Kandy City, has more than 2000 years of mining history, is a large integrated sand mine. The gypsum-rich plateau consists of granulite facies metamorphic rocks, with a mineralized area of about 2,000 square kilometers. And gemstone symbiotic gems are sapphire, ruby, zircon, spinel and so on. These gems are produced in the valley alluvial, ore-bearing alluvial layer generally 1.5-15 meters, sometimes up to 30 meters. Sri Lanka produced cat eye best quality, with honey yellow, light band was three lines for the special treasures. The country’s cat’s eye for the world cherished, and very famous, Sri Lanka cat’s eye has a special English name: Cymophane. This cat’s eye has a strange phenomenon, when the cat’s eye on the two spotlight beam. As the gem turns, the cat’s eye will open and close.

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Fiyta watch for the taste of one by one show superb craftsmanship

Shenzhen Feida (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, the only one listed companies listed on the table, after years of hard temper, has grown into a Chinese watch flagship business, set watch development, design, manufacture and sales as one , With “Fiyta” famous brand and “Harmony” commercial brand, marketing network covering the whole country, and extended to foreign countries. Fiyta professional watch brand, many times with the Chinese astronauts battle space, with its outstanding performance achievements legend legend. Fiyta watch for the taste of one by one show superb craftsmanship, ingenuity design, record the perfect moment of life. Ahead of the trend of the Cartier love ring replica product style, in the interpretation of the classic watch culture at the same time, but also convey the awareness of time, the idea of life.
In 1987, the whole era of great progress, Shenzhen, the seaside city is in the integration, the forefront of prosperity. Deep cultural influence, the development of cutting-edge forces, Fiyta with modest and broad vision, focusing on “watch” this is bound to innovate in the industry.
Independent development of tourbillon movement, aerospace movement, innovation and research and development of titanium and other titanium watch new materials, watch design competition, creative watch design and technology … … Fiyta in the interpretation of the classic watch culture, but also always conveyed “Enterprising” life proposition. Recently, the Hong Kong artist Louis Koo became the first image of the watch spokesperson. “Perfect time Perfect life”
With superb watchmaking skills, at the beginning of this century, Fiyta became China’s manned space business partners, not only as astronauts ground training special watch, but also with space heroes to explore the feat of space.
In 2003, China’s first manned spacecraft “Shenzhou V” successfully travel space and return, Yang Liwei is wearing a Fiyta limit series of space table. In 2005, the space hero Yang Liwei visited Russia, on behalf of the Chinese space department, the Fiyta table as a “national ceremony” presented to the Russian Space Agency.
In 2005, the limit series of space table with the care of “Shenzhou VI” astronauts to achieve up to 115 hours and 32 minutes, travel about 325 million kilometers of space flight, live up to expectations.
In 2008, “Shenzhou VII” astronauts to complete China’s first space walk. Limit series of space table “Skywalker”, as an auxiliary timing equipment, in the space suit outside the plane danger. This watch with a Fiyta independent research and development of complex mechanical movement, and a powerful anti-magnetic, shock and other functions. Then
At the same time, Fiyta has also for the Asian Winter Games, Asian Sailing Championships and other international sports events to provide timing equipment. In recent years, Fiyta to limit the series together with the Chinese motorcycle team, in the South American continent, the “battle of the world’s most difficult and most dangerous” Dakar Rally … … in a variety of unknown environment, the Fiyta table has been Heroes of the place, also received a complement echoes.
Since 2003, Fiyta watchmakers on behalf of the national watch industry, to participate in the International Organization for Standardization Watch Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Committee technical work conference, and from Switzerland, Germany and other countries of the watch industry together to revise the international standard watch industry.
At present, all the capital cities in China as the focus, covering a wide range of cities in China, and in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other six countries and regions to establish a sales terminal.
Each Faya table, in the rigorous and sophisticated design, production and assembly, in the in-depth event, not only embodies the aesthetic value of art, comfortable wearing feelings, but also express the wearer’s temperament and unique life Advocate.
Fiyta watch how, User rating
Comment one: old brand. not bad. As long as you are not deliberately damaged, with a 10 years 8 years no problem.
Comments 2: made four large table first (flying Ya Duo Rossi Yibo Wang) one of the world’s third day aerospace table (Omega Fulai Si Yada) quality you worry
Comments 3: price in the watch is very fair, and I have a magnificent blue face of the watch, with a very beautiful, like a bracelet, but let me fall a few times, no something wrong, that is, mirror knock off, Money sticky, mirror no turnout, yes. Is this section of the chain buckle Loong, like I do not pay attention, with the still quite satisfied with the hope to help you
Comments 4: Feida quality is not bad, the strength lies in the style design, as the LS friends said the price, I can not agree, and Feida price pit father is one of the characteristics of course, now Feida can not say completely There is no self-produced movement of the ability of his hands in Shanghai shares, so now there will be marked with self-produced movement of the table, in fact, Shanghai.
From the movement to see, Fiyta movement with no less than three sources, domestic, Nissan, Swiss production.First said that the Swiss movement, Fiyta with ETA core table can be sold more expensive than Tissot, personal That is, it is silent, followed by Nissan core, that is white is the Citizen 8200 series, is the only mechanical movement of Citizen series (there is a 4XXX movement, in fact, make it beautiful point, and 8200 no essential difference But to be clear that all other manufacturers with the Citizen movement and Citizen’s own use is different, Citizen export movement by the MIYOTA production. And Feida with 8200 (Figure), the performance of the test is also stable. Of the table did not see the sale is cheaper than the Citizen. Finally, domestic, because the Shanghai may now have the largest movement of the series manufacturers, so the future is not likely to go to other operators Al Qaeda other things. Seagull in the movement of quality is not bad, at least not worse than MIYOTA movement.
From the style point of view, Fiyta some of the design is really pretty, if it is a few thousand pieces of the table, the style of Italy, then personal Replica Cartier jewelry thought or can buy, but if tens of thousands, or forget it.
Comments five: put aside the old Shanghai Beijing table is not, and now the hottest gulls compared to the Fiyta is one of the four small domestic brands, and King, Rossini, according to wave side by side. Quality okay, performance make do, good value for money, do not greet the brand-name effect of people can buy to wear. The biggest problem is that these four table business itself is not able to develop design movement, all using foreign movement, cheap seagull Shanghai movement, a little better is the movement of the Japanese Citizen, high-end products in recent years also use part of the Swiss ETA movement, it can only be regarded as a case manufacturer, no soul only, it is a pity!
Comments six: first Fiyta watch is one of the four famous brands in China, it is not known in the country that the quality can also, it is more than 5000 of the movement of Switzerland, 5000 are under the Japanese machine core. I personally, if it is to buy machinery, I certainly choose the Swiss brand.
Fiyta watch price
Fiyta watches offer from 500-16000 per month. The most popular watches in 1000 yuan or so.

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Casio Red Bull Racing Team Limited Edition New 550 watch debut

Adhering to the “speed and wisdom” brand concept, Casio EDIFICE series watch with its advanced features and distinctive style of the unique dial design, led to dressed in a vibrant, exclusive racing sport dynamic, has gradually fond of sports style watches fashion Elite is welcome.
EDIFICE series recently launched a new metal pointer male watch: EQS-A500RB-1AV, EQW-A1110RB-1A, EFR-520RB-1A, in order to celebrate the Red Bull Racing team’s official partnership. These three co-operation watches are equipped with a special box, with Red Bull Racing drivers and F1 ™ RB8 models of the car card, is the favorite racing fans must not miss the ultimate collection.
In 2011, the Red Bull Racing team succeeded in defending Cartier love bracelet replica Formula One racing in the top event – F1 ™ World Champion and Drivers’ championship. Red Bull Racing Team is not only a young and dynamic representative, but also to full of wisdom of the game strategy and excellent technology, to create the world’s fastest racing car. Casio is convinced that the Red Bull Racing team pursued the essence of the car, it is coincides with the concept of EDIFICE brand, and the official side of the partnership from the beginning of 2009 has continued so far.
This new EQS-A500RB is definitely a different racing racing watch. Its unique design and powerful features, let it no less than F1 ™ world leader – Red Bull Racing that is full of dynamic and dynamic image. Equipped with Casio innovative intelligent operating system, with five motor independent drive technology with electronic crown, easy to achieve a variety of functional intuitive control to ensure smooth changes in function and display. Its excellent multi-functional design, including measuring and recording 10 lap performance, stopwatch precision to 1/20 seconds, and the fastest lap display, world time display, etc., can be achieved through simple and intuitive operation. For example, through the electronic crown “pull” “turn”, these two simple action can quickly show the lap results. The focus of this watch is the 9 o’clock position of the Red Bull Racing logo. Dial and lower bezel are dotted with Red Bull’s iconic blue, highlighting the strength and speed; second hand and 6 o’clock position of the small dial pointer are used Red Bull’s iconic red, emphasizing its dynamic and vibrant image The
EFR-520RB-1A is also the most popular classic model for the prototype design, black dial, 12 o’clock position using Red Bull Racing logo color to pass the team image, on the dial and the lower part of the integration of the blue element , With red second hand and the red mark on the dial, with 100 meters waterproof, stopwatch (accurate to 1/20 seconds), date, week display and other functions.
This F1 Red Bull Racing joint limited edition EQW-A1110RB-1A, the square of the two small dial form a straight selection shape, reflects the advanced nature of the text plate and a sense of function. At 9 o’clock position, set up a small car dashboard similar to the interpretation of the DEIFICE control speed, the pursuit of precision infinite dynamic. The Equipped with Casio innovative intelligent operating system, with five motor independent drive technology with electronic crown, easy to achieve a variety of functional intuitive control to ensure smooth changes in function and display. With stopwatch (accurate to 1/20 second), world time (29 cities), power indicator, beep ringing alarm and other functions.
Casio launched the most powerful hiking table
The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor Cartier love ring replica enthusiasts, always in the world of the world deeply feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. A high-end powerful outdoor watch, can help you a hand.
Watch brand Casio’s PROTREK climbing series of new PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple sensing technology, accurate measurement of the various changes in nature, while carrying the original cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of radio, solar drive and other powerful features, high-tech use To the reality, to make it a help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea professional wrist equipment.
Triple sensing technology
PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, so you easily into the natural, swim heaven and earth. It can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction, and access to detailed and accurate pressure and other data and pictures, easy to use and analysis. This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.
Dual mode display, high visibility dial design
Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear and clear, used to show the direction of the three sensors, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height data. The small dial of the watch is used to display various measurement data. When the needle and minute hand show the current time, the small dial is also converted into the display of the current function data, and the important function of the watch is precisely performed. The wearer can directly through the small dial Read the data clearly.
Dial time scale used in two different colors, time index on the use of more simple white, strong contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.
The center of the small dial using the compass direction of the design concept, large size hour and minute hand, simple design, to avoid overlapping with the LCD cross, in the visual and more clear.
In the LCD display, the digital display is the measurement direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height of the data, while the highly changing icon and atmospheric pressure trend graph is also displayed on the LCD. Visibility of the pointer and the combination of digital LCD display, so that all kinds of measurement data can be even if the display. For your travel to provide more accurate information on all kinds of information to ensure that the fun of nature travel and explore the unknown wonderful.
Compass dial, showing different functions
PRW-5000 in the dial design on the originality, very special. Using a compass-style dial, enhanced Cartier nail bracelet replica outdoor sense and cool feeling. In addition the watch button set a large size, even in cold weather conditions, wearing gloves you can simple and lightweight operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, shown in 16 directions in 12 o’clock, and within 365 degrees; BARO barometer thermometer button, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI height button , You can display your current height data, every two minutes or 5 seconds to automatically update.
Different buttons show different functions, everything starting from the utility, to meet the needs of explorers and mountaineering enthusiasts.
6 Bureau of radio, solar drive system
Casio’s original 6-way radio reception and solar drive system, automatic reception time accurate, and absorb the sun enough environmentally friendly, which for those who like outdoor adventure, the absolute practical, no matter where you are in the nature of the trip Position, you can get accurate time, courage to move forward.
In addition, in order to highlight the strong sense of outdoor watch, PRW-5000 bezel, such as diamond-like aluminum frame bright and bright, full of vigor and strength, in the stainless steel bezel engraved exquisite pattern filling the details of beauty, interpretation of the outdoor The beauty of sport.

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How about Seiko watches? Seiko table quality, how is the price?

Seiko (SEIKO) is a well-known Japanese watch company, founded in 1881, the company formerly known as the service department of time shop, in 1892 changed its name to fine homes. In 1924, published the first official use of Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch -SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko and Japan Oriental table company co-founded a joint venture factory. Seiko homes or computer printer manufacturers – Epson (EPSON) the parent company.
Has a century of history SEIKO Bingzhe “innovation and refining” brand definition to develop and operate the Chinese market. Its novel, stylish and classic watches, by the various sectors of the domestic favorite. SEIKO is currently in China’s domestic sales sites throughout the country, has been in various cities in the country set up a Seiko point of sale, and more than 20 cities with maintenance stations.
Seiko’s SPRING DRIVE became the only one pointer to reflect the real time of movement of the watch.
Spring Drive Four Outstanding Features Spring Drive offers its imitation Cartier love bracelet sophistication, accuracy, reliability and durability through four key areas of luxury watch manufacturing.
High Accuracy “Three Synchronous Modulation Controlled Speed Control” Synchronous control regulates the output of three different energy, mechanical, electrical and electronic magnetic energy produced by the mainspring. Instead of the traditional mechanical watch speed control system, escapement device, through the one-way rotation of the innovative speed modulation system, making the watch from the more stable and durable, more accurate. Spring Drive is accurate to 1 or 2 days per day.
Scanner smooth pointer Spring Drive movement without balance wheel escapement system, the whole group of machinery has always been one-way rotation, making the pointer has a unique scanning type of sliding movement. Spring Drive is the only watch in the world that can truly reflect the flow of time.
Long time energy storage of the new mainspring can give more heroic, more stable, more long-term power. SEIKO (Seiko) has developed a special kind of alloy material, in addition to durable, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, but also produce more energy. Spring Drive can have 72 hours of energy storage even when the timer function is used continuously.
Rapid winding in 1959 SEIKO (Seiko) invented the mechanical watch on the chain of special components – “magic lever”. Regardless of which direction swing swing, it’s each time the energy generated by the rock can be effectively used up, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the automatic winding system! Now the new magic lever on the chain system, by the Tuo Tuo bearing directly driven, so that the chain is more efficient than before.
In addition to the above outstanding features, SEIKO’s top manufacturing technology also ensures the top quality of the product. The Spring Drive series is one of SEIKO EPSON, one of the few integrated production plants in the global watch industry, all made up of its own, assembled and assembled by the finest watchmaker.
December 25, 1969 officially listed the world’s first quartz watch, is SEIKO (Seiko) quartz watch ASTRON, which subverts the world’s time history. The quartz frequency of this watch is 8192Hz, which is one quarter of the quartz frequency of the quartz watch. One of the biggest features of this quartz watch is the installation of an open stepper motor, so that the second hand can run in seconds, which has become a major feature of the quartz watch.
How about Seiko watches?
User evaluation one: Oh, Seiko’s high-end brand is expensive and GS, limited production. Guoduo main precious metal table, GS main high-level machinery. Seiko two high-end brands are no domestic counters. In particular, GS manufacturing standards than the Swiss Observatory Replica Cartier jewelry standards, mechanical technology and precision is very high. You are interested in finding the Internet. ^ _ ^
User evaluation two: Seiko in this price is a very good table ~ ~ years ago just to her husband out of a very common No. 5 shield series of mechanical watches ~ so far no more than 30 seconds error to her husband surprise exception ~ ~ To know, the mechanical table of the errors are great to say ~ was holding the error of 2 minutes a day to prepare the heart ~ Oh ~
User evaluation three: I wear Seiko (so afraid of being said to be married days, hard to force students to forgive me), Taobao with the Japanese price almost, I was let the students back in Japan, very fine, go Is also very accurate, tell the truth is not very grade, because the Japanese watch what Mody I bought this one, the other I did not dare to conclude.
User evaluation four: tell the truth than the plum is the steel is too soft and no way.
User evaluation five: Japan is one of the three largest watch brands, if you say Seiko mechanical watch, then a lot of grades, and 5 shield is the most common, hundreds of dollars it, more durable but Accuracy is not very high, especially the prospective but also depends on luck, and then up SCVS series, with 6r15 movement this much better, and now more than 2,000 parallel imports, I had wanted to buy this, but later Choose a double lion. Seiko also GS and KS, are expensive. In fact, some of his quartz chronograph code is also good, but not expensive.
User evaluation 6: the sixties of the last century, spent $ 155 to buy a piece of Seiko mechanical watch. Wearing thirty-three years, the oil broken, failed to cross the century. Now still keep. Thirteen years old. Just do not know what the quality now.
Seiko table quality how
Seiko is a very practical brand in Japan, Japan is a senior watch brand, nearly 90 years of tabulation history. Good quality. In terms of seeking truth from facts, Seiko mechanical watches in the hearts of watch players in the position is still very high. Seiko of the quartz watch in general, most people with this on. Hundreds of pieces of thousands of things, many models are still good. But Seiko mechanical watch, thousands, or even tens of thousands. Classic GS models, it is said that every day more than one second error, the famous as Grand series. Moreover, many parts of the Seiko watch are handmade. All in all, Seiko watches cost-effective, quality is absolutely www.topgifts.co reliable. Coupled with its in China have a better sales and maintenance system, consumers can feel at ease to buy.
Seiko table how the price
Seiko watch prices ranging from two to eight thousand nine thousand. Seiko watch the price is generally not high, are practical watches. Seiko high price table for the mechanical watch, quartz table relative price lower. Coupled with the precision of the material is mostly stainless steel, very few precious metals, so the lower the price of the table, the collection value is not high.

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From the minimalism, with neutral design style design, very suitable for primary man wrist Cartier

To wear her boyfriend's shirt? You can also wear men's table Fashion, there is a classic item called "shirt" boyfriend, Eric big man's shirt after women, do not have lasting appeal. And on the watch with this matter, many women also preferred male money, not to choose slim, feminine women wrist watch, just like hale men's watch. Men's watch women wear, like women put on men's shirts, occasionally has the beauty of a maverick and chic and easy. Take a look at suitable for women to wear men's watch, diverse styles, sufficient to meet women like to wear men's watch. Minimalism, general neutral wind, don't blame the woman like it From the minimalism, with neutral design style design, very suitable for primary man wrist Cartier love bracelet replica women. Neither is too hale and hearty, but also has the characteristics of men's watch. NOMOS Tetra neomatik wrist watch Contracted design NOMOS is less obvious gender divide, paragraphs to distinguish male or female, more than collectively known as neutral, the difference between the men and women merely difference in diameter. NOMOS this year launched a square watches for men - Tetra neomatik, larger (33 mm x 33 mm), thinner, and an automatic movement, but after the listed women consumers, founder of the contracted wind, wear in the boy's hands appear delicate, wear in the girl's hand and abrupt. Tetra neomatik watch was launched last year Tetra square lady wrist watch. 33 mm in length and further foil a new design of dial gauge movement during this classic fashionable style. Simple design to wear in the girl's wrist, sexy, but not the sudden move of the so-called men's watch. There are a variety of different color dial. Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch With a wrist watch as the prototype is originated in the 1960 s, longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch, show the railway watch plain style and personality aesthetics. In addition to some large diameter (40 mm), you can say it is a simple but elegant completely Fake Cartier love bracelet capable of female table. Beige dial with large black Arabic numerals on the time scale, 12 hours of time scale is replaced by 0, dial inner ring is equipped with 24 hours of time scale, black alligator skin strap also seem to be very elegant and delicate. Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch Although a diameter of 40 mm, but not the feeling of driving. Hale wind - don't push the female table and how, hale style woman also hold If you find the above male table still some implicit, might as well can choose more hale style. Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black Rev ChengBi Bay Black wrist watch (Heritage Black Bay Dark) for diving watches, stainless steel steel with all matte Black. From appearance can feel the domineering style of men's table. The line of concise and easy, round arch dial and mirror, inheriting the emperor rudder design essence of diving watches. And watch a few very bright place, chain crown on that grabs an eye, "snow" on the dial pointer angular, waterproof and dial engraved red depth indicator, and rotate the red triangle mark in the outer ring, these details are tradition for many important design feature, deserve to go up in antique leather strap, such a handsome watch, what won't let women move? Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black In addition to black, also can choose table circle in red wrist watch The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36 IWC always is launching products mainly aimed at men, even a few years ago launched a neutral BaiTao fe, and paired with colorful strap, but still from emitting the temperament of hale and hearty. IWC actually no need to worry about women, even if there is no neutral BaiTao fe, the pilot series wrist watch dial, clear contracted design replica Cartier love bracelet continues, inner ring of the quiet inside collect, delicate design gives the pilot watch unique flavor, so women wear off to smartly. The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36 Zhou xun wearing the pilot automatic watch 36 Wind restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways resurgence, different gender deduce lasting appeal Wind restoring ancient ways, is also the most styles of a wrist watch. If choose a female table, with a retro feeling seems to also can be a style of wearing a men's watch. GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch Born in 1975, Laureato wrist watch, now at a compound engraving again appeared in front of the world. Octagonal polishing table circle and satin frosted casing, is a comprehensive bracelet watches never before seen design elements. Exquisite bracelet type design makes comfort and flexibility of both. All equipped with subsequent polishing hinge satin polished bracelet also join polishing stripe decoration, show the perfect fusion of the glossy and matte effect. Pure steel quality with unique table, don't have some kind of style restoring ancient ways to wear on your wrist. GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch The dial, 41 mm diameter is also very suitable for ladies wear Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch Pointers and iconic red point the second hand, add abundant vitality to black dial. Khaki field series wrist watch has appeared in the Hollywood action film "explosive" (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), is designed for adventurers, equipped with black PVD coated stainless steel watchcase, tie-in black Cartier nail bracelet replica rubber strap and three-dimensional grain Hamilton iconic H pin buckle. The sun's rays grain dial, diamond cutting central bezel and embossed Numbers, are all show handsome watch the hale and hearty. 42 mm drill field series double calendar watch carrying with power reserve of 80 hours Hamilton H - 30 movement, and at 12 o 'clock and 6 o 'clock position, its display with the calendar week. If you are a fashionable and attractive, be permeated with green vigor, like the adventure of girl, then surely the best choice. Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch. Handsome black to wear on your wrist, show a complete hale sense. Luxury sports - the little woman's wrist has wind and weight In addition to the above three styles, with a little costly feeling of male table, also worth the girl to try. Hand watch table of the Big Bang "independent" Italy camouflage wrist watch Luxury activity is one of the men and women killed wrist watch style, which naturally escapes watch list. The iconic Big Bang series design atmosphere and movement, the use of all kinds of new material and a variety of cross-border integration made the series has been innovation. The camouflage wrist watch is with Italian fashion accessories brand Italia Independent (Italy) cooperation, camouflage pattern innovation aluminium coated carbon fiber material collocation, avant-garde design and material break free of fusion, more show a new Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica interpretation of the contemporary fashion. Hand watch table of the Big Bang "independent" Italy camouflage wrist watch Camouflage color is also the charm of men's watch. Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch Another in the field of luxury sports "cafe" is Abby royal oak, started to pure steel quality is unique among luxury activity, become a classic. For the first time this year, Abby used a real luxury material - gold to create new royal oak, not only have a time clock, watch of wrist of ten thousand and automatic chain and two quartz watches for women. If wedded to the women of mechanical movement, might as well choose in a range of men's watch, just watch case big 5 mm, higher value men's table, wear up and more power! Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch