Adhering to the “speed and wisdom” brand concept, Casio EDIFICE series watch with its advanced features and distinctive style of the unique dial design, led to dressed in a vibrant, exclusive racing sport dynamic, has gradually fond of sports style watches fashion Elite is welcome.
EDIFICE series recently launched a new metal pointer male watch: EQS-A500RB-1AV, EQW-A1110RB-1A, EFR-520RB-1A, in order to celebrate the Red Bull Racing team’s official partnership. These three co-operation watches are equipped with a special box, with Red Bull Racing drivers and F1 ™ RB8 models of the car card, is the favorite racing fans must not miss the ultimate collection.
In 2011, the Red Bull Racing team succeeded in defending Cartier love bracelet replica Formula One racing in the top event – F1 ™ World Champion and Drivers’ championship. Red Bull Racing Team is not only a young and dynamic representative, but also to full of wisdom of the game strategy and excellent technology, to create the world’s fastest racing car. Casio is convinced that the Red Bull Racing team pursued the essence of the car, it is coincides with the concept of EDIFICE brand, and the official side of the partnership from the beginning of 2009 has continued so far.
This new EQS-A500RB is definitely a different racing racing watch. Its unique design and powerful features, let it no less than F1 ™ world leader – Red Bull Racing that is full of dynamic and dynamic image. Equipped with Casio innovative intelligent operating system, with five motor independent drive technology with electronic crown, easy to achieve a variety of functional intuitive control to ensure smooth changes in function and display. Its excellent multi-functional design, including measuring and recording 10 lap performance, stopwatch precision to 1/20 seconds, and the fastest lap display, world time display, etc., can be achieved through simple and intuitive operation. For example, through the electronic crown “pull” “turn”, these two simple action can quickly show the lap results. The focus of this watch is the 9 o’clock position of the Red Bull Racing logo. Dial and lower bezel are dotted with Red Bull’s iconic blue, highlighting the strength and speed; second hand and 6 o’clock position of the small dial pointer are used Red Bull’s iconic red, emphasizing its dynamic and vibrant image The
EFR-520RB-1A is also the most popular classic model for the prototype design, black dial, 12 o’clock position using Red Bull Racing logo color to pass the team image, on the dial and the lower part of the integration of the blue element , With red second hand and the red mark on the dial, with 100 meters waterproof, stopwatch (accurate to 1/20 seconds), date, week display and other functions.
This F1 Red Bull Racing joint limited edition EQW-A1110RB-1A, the square of the two small dial form a straight selection shape, reflects the advanced nature of the text plate and a sense of function. At 9 o’clock position, set up a small car dashboard similar to the interpretation of the DEIFICE control speed, the pursuit of precision infinite dynamic. The Equipped with Casio innovative intelligent operating system, with five motor independent drive technology with electronic crown, easy to achieve a variety of functional intuitive control to ensure smooth changes in function and display. With stopwatch (accurate to 1/20 second), world time (29 cities), power indicator, beep ringing alarm and other functions.
Casio launched the most powerful hiking table
The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor Cartier love ring replica enthusiasts, always in the world of the world deeply feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. A high-end powerful outdoor watch, can help you a hand.
Watch brand Casio’s PROTREK climbing series of new PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple sensing technology, accurate measurement of the various changes in nature, while carrying the original cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of radio, solar drive and other powerful features, high-tech use To the reality, to make it a help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea professional wrist equipment.
Triple sensing technology
PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, so you easily into the natural, swim heaven and earth. It can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction, and access to detailed and accurate pressure and other data and pictures, easy to use and analysis. This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.
Dual mode display, high visibility dial design
Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear and clear, used to show the direction of the three sensors, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height data. The small dial of the watch is used to display various measurement data. When the needle and minute hand show the current time, the small dial is also converted into the display of the current function data, and the important function of the watch is precisely performed. The wearer can directly through the small dial Read the data clearly.
Dial time scale used in two different colors, time index on the use of more simple white, strong contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.
The center of the small dial using the compass direction of the design concept, large size hour and minute hand, simple design, to avoid overlapping with the LCD cross, in the visual and more clear.
In the LCD display, the digital display is the measurement direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height of the data, while the highly changing icon and atmospheric pressure trend graph is also displayed on the LCD. Visibility of the pointer and the combination of digital LCD display, so that all kinds of measurement data can be even if the display. For your travel to provide more accurate information on all kinds of information to ensure that the fun of nature travel and explore the unknown wonderful.
Compass dial, showing different functions
PRW-5000 in the dial design on the originality, very special. Using a compass-style dial, enhanced Cartier nail bracelet replica outdoor sense and cool feeling. In addition the watch button set a large size, even in cold weather conditions, wearing gloves you can simple and lightweight operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, shown in 16 directions in 12 o’clock, and within 365 degrees; BARO barometer thermometer button, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI height button , You can display your current height data, every two minutes or 5 seconds to automatically update.
Different buttons show different functions, everything starting from the utility, to meet the needs of explorers and mountaineering enthusiasts.
6 Bureau of radio, solar drive system
Casio’s original 6-way radio reception and solar drive system, automatic reception time accurate, and absorb the sun enough environmentally friendly, which for those who like outdoor adventure, the absolute practical, no matter where you are in the nature of the trip Position, you can get accurate time, courage to move forward.
In addition, in order to highlight the strong sense of outdoor watch, PRW-5000 bezel, such as diamond-like aluminum frame bright and bright, full of vigor and strength, in the stainless steel bezel engraved exquisite pattern filling the details of beauty, interpretation of the outdoor The beauty of sport.