There are diamonds around the world, with more than 30 countries with diamonds and an annual output of about 100 million carats. The top five countries are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, and South Africa. The diamond production in these five countries accounts for about 90% of the world’s diamond production. Other countries with diamonds are Congo, Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Angola, Central Africa, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, India, China, Canada, etc. The
China’s proven reserves and production of diamond Replica Cartier jewelry rank the world’s top 10 or so, the annual output of 200,000 karats, diamonds mainly in Liaoning Wafangdian, Shandong Mengyin and Hunan Yuanjiang River Basin, which is currently the largest tile in Asia, Asia’s diamond mine.
Producing the best diamond country
For diamonds and gemstone diamonds, the best diamonds come from diamonds from the Namibian alluvial deposits. The natural weathering of these diamonds is transported to the seaside for a distance of up to 1000 miles. After this journey the fragile parts of diamonds are separated. In a particular depositional environment, diamonds are distributed in the rock form according to different rules of different grain sizes. The gems of the mine are up to 97%. It is difficult to distinguish between which country and the mining area are produced.
Any diamond produced by the mine has good, medium and poor. Take the best diamonds in the mining area and Namibia to produce the worst diamonds, the Namibia alluvial deposits of diamonds are not necessarily good.
Cat’s eye (cat’s eye), that is, “cat eyes”, “cat eyes”, “cat fine.” Cat’s eye, also known as Oriental cat’s eye, is a rare and valuable jewelry varieties.
As the cat’s eye shows the light phenomenon and the cat’s eyes, flexible and bright, with the strength of light and change, hence the name. This optical effect, known as the “cat’s eye effect”.
There are many gems with cat’s eye effect. Gemological scholars with the cat’s eye effect of the gold emerald called cat’s eye stone, generally referred to as the cat’s eye refers to the gold green cat’s eye gem, and other cat’s eye effect of the gem, must be in the “cat’s eye” before the word with the gem Name, such as sea sapphire cat’s eye, electric stone cat’s eye and so on.
Strictly speaking, “cat’s eye” is not the name of the gem, but some gems on the presentation of an optical phenomenon. That is, grinding into a hemispherical gem with a strong light, the surface will appear a thin light reflective, called “cat’s eye flash” or “cat’s eye live light”, and then what is the name of the gem to name, if the stone is quartz, then called “Quartz cat’s eye”, if it is gold and green gem, called “golden green cat’s eye.” There may be a lot of catfish flashing gem, according to statistics may be as many as 30 species, the market is more common in addition to the quartz cat’s eye and golden green cat’s eye, there are “pyroxene cat’s eye”, “sea Cartier love bracelet replica sapphire cat’s eye” and so on. As the golden green cat’s eye is also the most famous and most valuable, it is also used to be referred to as “cat’s eye”, the other cat’s eye can not be called this.
Cat’s eye stone is a kind of gold in the mineral science (Chrysoberyl), is a golden green stone mineral. Gold and green gem is containing beryllium aluminum oxide, the chemical formula BeAl2O4. Is orthorhombic. Crystal morphology often short columnar or plate-like. Cat’s eye has a variety of colors, such as honey, brown, yellow wine, brown, yellow-green, yellow brown, gray-green, etc., of which the most expensive honey yellow. Transparent to translucent. Glass to grease shiny. Refractive index of 1.746-1.755, birefringence of 0.008-0.010. Dichroism is obvious, dispersion 0.015, heterogeneous body. Hardness 8.5, density 3.71-3.75 g / cm3. Shell-like fracture.
Cat’s Eye and other similar gems cat’s eye, the difference between artificial cat’s eye. Nature can produce cat’s eye effect of gemstones also tourmaline, beryl, apatite, quartz, kyanite, etc., but are not as green and green cat’s eye precious. Tour agent cat’s eye: hardness is small, 7-7.5, density 3.06 g / cm3, refractive index 1.624-1.644. Quartz cat’s eye: low hardness, 6.5 or so, the density is small, 2.78 grams / cubic centimeter, the refractive index is small, 1.44. Artificial cat’s eye: cat’s eye made of artificial glass fiber, brownish yellow, blue and red. But the artificial cat’s eye at the top of the arc at the same time there are 2-3 bright band, natural cat’s eye only a bright band. With the magnifying glass observation can see the artificial cat’s eye has a hexagonal honeycomb structure, low hardness, 5 or so, the density is small, 2.46 g / cm3, refractive index of 1.44.
Test and purchase of cat’s eye. The evaluation of the cat’s eye is from the color, the position of the eyeliner, the shape of the gem, the weight and other factors. High-quality cat’s eye gems, cat eyeliner to be thin and narrow, clear boundaries; eyes to open flexible, was live; cat’s eye color to contrast with the background in sharp contrast; and cat eyeliner to be located in the central arc. When the purchase should be based on the identification characteristics of the cat’s eye stone and other gems cat’s eye, artificial cat’s eye distinction, buy genuine cat’s eye stone.
In the Southeast Asian area, the cat’s eye is often considered a symbol of good luck, people believe it will protect the owner’s health and longevity, from poverty, beneficial reproductive system and related organs of health; to promote regeneration and blood circulation, effect. Can improve the skin problems, to prevent wounds worsening. Increase the inspiration of people thinking, to avoid evil evil, as a result of external force invasion of the body stone. But also the courage and strength, often used in the East as evil talisman, but also make people dare to farewell past romance. Cat’s eye stone is often known as the “noble gem.” It and stone together belong to one of the world’s top five precious high-end gem. British gem collector Hood collects a famous cat’s eye stone, this gem is carved into a symbol of the altar, the top of a torch, the whole gem was spherical, diameter of about 1-1.5 inches. Cat’s eye is mainly produced in gas-filled hydrothermal deposits and pegged rocks. The world’s most famous cat’s eye for the southwestern Sri Lanka’s Tranbullah and Gore and other places, Brazil and Russia and other countries also found a cat’s eye, but very rare.
People first found in the sand gold and gold gems, the current exploitation of cat’s eye area is more in the slope of the river bed. The formation of primary gold emerald is related to the interaction of the bauxite volatile components of the granite melt with the ultra-basic rocks rich in chromium. To this end, the original green emerald prolific in intertidal ultramafic rock containing emerald green omen, geologists called gas-filled hydrothermal deposits, with many emerald Fake Cartier love bracelet green, all the emerald and emerald Often grow together. After the formation of the original green emerald, subject to weathering erosion will become a sand mine, in a certain favorable location of mineralization. The famous Sri Lanka cat’s eye and stone is produced in the sand. The original gold emerald is also produced in the pegmatite veins, the gold emerald is the result of the melting of volatile components. Due to the crystallization of some fusible minerals, leading to the formation of pegged veins. Along the cracks and faults of the surrounding rocks, the gold-green stones form isolated crystals in them, and the minerals that are symbiotic with the emerald in the pegged veins are beryls (including emerald), tourmaline and apatite The The peacock is mostly an ancient metamorphic rock (gneiss), which may be the source rock of the emerald.
Sri Lanka is the famous green emerald origin, is also the only country to produce stone and gold green cat’s eye. The country’s green emerald deposit is located 60 kilometers southeast of Kandy City, has more than 2000 years of mining history, is a large integrated sand mine. The gypsum-rich plateau consists of granulite facies metamorphic rocks, with a mineralized area of about 2,000 square kilometers. And gemstone symbiotic gems are sapphire, ruby, zircon, spinel and so on. These gems are produced in the valley alluvial, ore-bearing alluvial layer generally 1.5-15 meters, sometimes up to 30 meters. Sri Lanka produced cat eye best quality, with honey yellow, light band was three lines for the special treasures. The country’s cat’s eye for the world cherished, and very famous, Sri Lanka cat’s eye has a special English name: Cymophane. This cat’s eye has a strange phenomenon, when the cat’s eye on the two spotlight beam. As the gem turns, the cat’s eye will open and close.