To wear her boyfriend's shirt? You can also wear men's table Fashion, there is a classic item called "shirt" boyfriend, Eric big man's shirt after women, do not have lasting appeal. And on the watch with this matter, many women also preferred male money, not to choose slim, feminine women wrist watch, just like hale men's watch. Men's watch women wear, like women put on men's shirts, occasionally has the beauty of a maverick and chic and easy. Take a look at suitable for women to wear men's watch, diverse styles, sufficient to meet women like to wear men's watch. Minimalism, general neutral wind, don't blame the woman like it From the minimalism, with neutral design style design, very suitable for primary man wrist Cartier love bracelet replica women. Neither is too hale and hearty, but also has the characteristics of men's watch. NOMOS Tetra neomatik wrist watch Contracted design NOMOS is less obvious gender divide, paragraphs to distinguish male or female, more than collectively known as neutral, the difference between the men and women merely difference in diameter. NOMOS this year launched a square watches for men - Tetra neomatik, larger (33 mm x 33 mm), thinner, and an automatic movement, but after the listed women consumers, founder of the contracted wind, wear in the boy's hands appear delicate, wear in the girl's hand and abrupt. Tetra neomatik watch was launched last year Tetra square lady wrist watch. 33 mm in length and further foil a new design of dial gauge movement during this classic fashionable style. Simple design to wear in the girl's wrist, sexy, but not the sudden move of the so-called men's watch. There are a variety of different color dial. Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch With a wrist watch as the prototype is originated in the 1960 s, longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch, show the railway watch plain style and personality aesthetics. In addition to some large diameter (40 mm), you can say it is a simple but elegant completely Fake Cartier love bracelet capable of female table. Beige dial with large black Arabic numerals on the time scale, 12 hours of time scale is replaced by 0, dial inner ring is equipped with 24 hours of time scale, black alligator skin strap also seem to be very elegant and delicate. Longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch Although a diameter of 40 mm, but not the feeling of driving. Hale wind - don't push the female table and how, hale style woman also hold If you find the above male table still some implicit, might as well can choose more hale style. Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black Rev ChengBi Bay Black wrist watch (Heritage Black Bay Dark) for diving watches, stainless steel steel with all matte Black. From appearance can feel the domineering style of men's table. The line of concise and easy, round arch dial and mirror, inheriting the emperor rudder design essence of diving watches. And watch a few very bright place, chain crown on that grabs an eye, "snow" on the dial pointer angular, waterproof and dial engraved red depth indicator, and rotate the red triangle mark in the outer ring, these details are tradition for many important design feature, deserve to go up in antique leather strap, such a handsome watch, what won't let women move? Emperor rudder ChengBi bay watch of wrist of black In addition to black, also can choose table circle in red wrist watch The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36 IWC always is launching products mainly aimed at men, even a few years ago launched a neutral BaiTao fe, and paired with colorful strap, but still from emitting the temperament of hale and hearty. IWC actually no need to worry about women, even if there is no neutral BaiTao fe, the pilot series wrist watch dial, clear contracted design replica Cartier love bracelet continues, inner ring of the quiet inside collect, delicate design gives the pilot watch unique flavor, so women wear off to smartly. The IWC IWC pilot automatic watch 36 Zhou xun wearing the pilot automatic watch 36 Wind restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways resurgence, different gender deduce lasting appeal Wind restoring ancient ways, is also the most styles of a wrist watch. If choose a female table, with a retro feeling seems to also can be a style of wearing a men's watch. GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch Born in 1975, Laureato wrist watch, now at a compound engraving again appeared in front of the world. Octagonal polishing table circle and satin frosted casing, is a comprehensive bracelet watches never before seen design elements. Exquisite bracelet type design makes comfort and flexibility of both. All equipped with subsequent polishing hinge satin polished bracelet also join polishing stripe decoration, show the perfect fusion of the glossy and matte effect. Pure steel quality with unique table, don't have some kind of style restoring ancient ways to wear on your wrist. GP girard-perregaux table after engraving Laureato wrist watch The dial, 41 mm diameter is also very suitable for ladies wear Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch Pointers and iconic red point the second hand, add abundant vitality to black dial. Khaki field series wrist watch has appeared in the Hollywood action film "explosive" (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), is designed for adventurers, equipped with black PVD coated stainless steel watchcase, tie-in black Cartier nail bracelet replica rubber strap and three-dimensional grain Hamilton iconic H pin buckle. The sun's rays grain dial, diamond cutting central bezel and embossed Numbers, are all show handsome watch the hale and hearty. 42 mm drill field series double calendar watch carrying with power reserve of 80 hours Hamilton H - 30 movement, and at 12 o 'clock and 6 o 'clock position, its display with the calendar week. If you are a fashionable and attractive, be permeated with green vigor, like the adventure of girl, then surely the best choice. Hamilton as the drill field series automatic double wrist watch. Handsome black to wear on your wrist, show a complete hale sense. Luxury sports - the little woman's wrist has wind and weight In addition to the above three styles, with a little costly feeling of male table, also worth the girl to try. Hand watch table of the Big Bang "independent" Italy camouflage wrist watch Luxury activity is one of the men and women killed wrist watch style, which naturally escapes watch list. The iconic Big Bang series design atmosphere and movement, the use of all kinds of new material and a variety of cross-border integration made the series has been innovation. The camouflage wrist watch is with Italian fashion accessories brand Italia Independent (Italy) cooperation, camouflage pattern innovation aluminium coated carbon fiber material collocation, avant-garde design and material break free of fusion, more show a new Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica interpretation of the contemporary fashion. Hand watch table of the Big Bang "independent" Italy camouflage wrist watch Camouflage color is also the charm of men's watch. Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch Another in the field of luxury sports "cafe" is Abby royal oak, started to pure steel quality is unique among luxury activity, become a classic. For the first time this year, Abby used a real luxury material - gold to create new royal oak, not only have a time clock, watch of wrist of ten thousand and automatic chain and two quartz watches for women. If wedded to the women of mechanical movement, might as well choose in a range of men's watch, just watch case big 5 mm, higher value men's table, wear up and more power! Audemars royal oak gold wrist watch