At present, more beauty industry people tend to support the appropriate mix of skin care and cosmetics: If your skin to adapt to different brands of cosmetics, may wish to choose one of two or three, timely mixing and replacement, which is often more conducive to supplement the skin needs nutrition, That is, the so-called brand mix to improve skin care fatigue. Some people in Japan have done a Cartier love bracelet replica survey, the local 25 to 35-year-old women have an average of more than ten bottles of skin care products, the brand in three or so. These skin care products include creams, lotions, whitening and eye creams. Mixed with skin care products for most people basically do not adversely affect the skin, but will help to supplement the skin needs nutrition; at the same time as a variety of skin care products have their own strengths, skin care nutrition formula is also unique Of the place, therefore, mixed with different brands of skin care products can be complementary in nutrition. Some people use a long-term brand of skin care products, the beginning of the time, the skin has improved significantly, but a long time no effect, that is, skin fatigue phenomenon, which can also be replaced in the brand to be resolved. Replace the brand to be gradual Facial cleansing products can be replaced by the brand to achieve the effect of contact with skin care fatigue, but like makeup and the essence of the product is not necessary to often replace the brand. Cleansing makeup should be considered the most appropriate. In general, from outside to inside, step by step is the secret for skin care products. And facial cleanser products and firming water is mainly used to clean the skin, so it is "outside", change it easier; contrast, whitening liquid, eye cream is mainly used for moisturizing maintenance, it is "within". Replace the peripheral skin care products, you can try to use the new brand in the morning, at night with the old brand, so that the skin has a gradual adaptation process. If used for some time, feel the skin is not discomfort and indeed effective, you can completely use the new brand of skin care products. In addition, the replacement of the brand, it is best to step by step, do not all of a sudden all replaced, so easy to stimulate the skin. In contrast, the essence of the product should be less change. why? Women in the replacement of skin care products, to understand what their skin needs what kind of nutrition, and then choose the preferred skin care products. If we are currently using the product has been the essence, and more suitable for their Cartier love ring replica  own, it is not necessary to easily replace, not to mention the replacement process there may be skin does not adapt to even allergies, etc., there is no need to replace the replacement. Of course, with age, the skin requires the new essence of the product is also inevitable. This time to replace the same to pay attention to step by step, should first from the periphery - that is, facial cleansing products and firming water for the last, is the whitening solution and eye cream. Make-up to be less or not change, because makeup often contains metal ingredients, the skin has a certain adverse effects. Once replaced, the skin needs to re-adapt to the new stimulus, so the skin damage will be relatively large. Especially to remind the skin easily allergic to women, should not be frequent replacement of skin care products, even for the change, but also must see the composition of skin care products, and under the guidance of dermatologists. In case of skin allergies should immediately stop using. Cosmetics is not as expensive as possible In addition to whether the cosmetics should be mixed with the question, we are often entangled is whether the higher the price of cosmetics the better quality? The answer should be: not necessarily. Cosmetics prices and quality is not necessarily proportional to the price is how to set it? According to the production of raw materials required for the cost of production process complexity, the quality of packaging and cosmetics brands such as comprehensive decision. So, can not say that the quality of cosmetics and its price is positively related, but also can not be sure that the high price of cosmetics will be able to receive the best skin care effect. Therefore, the time to buy cosmetics in the "suitable for their own is the best" principle, Select the cosmetics, to fully take into account their own skin and sensitivity, treat the skin, eager to enjoy the luxury of the skin is not wrong, but if you buy a bunch of expensive products are not suitable for their own products, it is worth the candle. Choose cosmetics, find their own products is the most important. Even cheap products, as long as suitable for their own skin, there is no need to have to be expensive products, suitable for their own is the best! Intimate tips Cosmetics storage is also learned, the cosmetics stored for a long time will degenerate or breed bacteria, after use will cause harm to the skin, so the need for special attention to safe use and storage, depending on the type of greenhouse can be stored or stored in the refrigerator, if necessary Dark and moisture preservation, etc .; In addition, the expired cosmetics should stop using, and when the cosmetics color, smell the best when not the best use. Tips for skin care Every day before going to bed, take a small cucumber film attaining a few minutes, you can help your face white skin. Get up every day to drink a glass of water, add some salt can add water at the same time there are clear stomach effect. Daylight a strong season, go out before the rub cream and imitation Cartier love bracelet sunscreen cream, while home to remember to immediately remover. Try to insist on using warm water and then wash your face with cold water will make the skin clean and the pores will become smaller. Do not drink plenty of water in your daily life, drink plenty of water during the day, do not stay up all night, do not drink, do not smoke, eat fried stuff, keep the skin clean.